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When one hears the word “trampolines”, people often point out that these are toys meant for kids. This sentiment is true, but trampolines have been discovered to be a perfect alternative to those looking for a good way to burn off their calories and improve their cardiovascular fitness. Some even say it is a good way to tone one’s body and get a workout that is fun for everyone.

A variety of trampolines are now available on the market, which promises to work as a fun toy for the kids and also good workout equipment for the adults. Some of these trampolines even have special features that promise to maximize the bouncing experience. There are also trampolines that work well indoors, outdoors, or in both environments.

However, if this is your first time to purchase a trampoline for fun or workout, picking one can be a hassle. This website aims to help you understand the various differences and types of trampolines, as well as introduce some of the best trampolines on the market today.

Before you go skip to the reviews, it is important for first-time buyers to learn what they need to look for in a good trampoline.

What to Look for in a Good Trampoline

Trampolines come in all shapes, sizes, features, and prices. While they all promise great benefits for users, it is important to know if they will indeed cater to one’s needs and remain useful for the family for many years.

Here is the list of things you need to look for when picking a good trampoline:


Trampolines vary in sizes which will indicate as to whom it can cater to and how large the bouncing area is. The starting size, 6 ft., usually caters to young children and adults hoping to use it as an exercise trampoline. The larger sizes, such as 10 ft. and up, are good for older children and adults which have a large space to work on.


Trampolines must have safety enclosures or paddings to ensure that they are safe to use by everyone. If children will use the trampoline, it is important that safety nets, ladders, and skirts are included as this will prevent injury and accidents due to accidental jump offs.

Type of trampoline: Trampolines are sorted in various types

Rebounders and mini-trampolines work well with individuals and are good for fitness exercises. Full-size trampolines are perfect for outdoor exercise and fun. Springless trampolines are safer in comparison to other trampolines due to materials and features. Kid trampolines are strictly for children’s use and have a variety of safety features installed.

Safety accreditation

It is also important to see if the trampoline you are looking at has passed safety standards.

How to Choose a Good Trampoline

Now that you are aware of the things you need to look for in a good trampoline, it is time to know the ways in sorting through your list. Here are the three factors that will help first-time users or advanced users in picking a good trampoline:


It is crucial that one checks the materials in which the trampoline is made of as it will highlight if the trampoline is high quality. Trampolines with bungee cords are better than those with springs as bungee cords reduce the noise generated by bouncing and are safer to use. It is also important to check the material of the jumping mat as this will determine if it will be able to hold up to rigorous use.


Users must check the price of the trampoline they are looking at and see if the materials, quality, and extras match the price. Although the trampoline you are looking for may be cheap, it is important it won’t break immediately once you purchase it. It is important to discern if the value does equate to good quality.


When buying a trampoline, it is best to see how well it performed for other users. Also do a test run of the trampoline if possible.





   Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder  $  4.0/5
   Pure Fitness 40″ Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail  $$$  3.8/5
   Portable & Foldable Trampoline – 36″ Dia. Durable Construction Safe for Kids with Padded Frame Cover and Handle  $$  4.3/5
   Stamina InTone Oval Jogger  $$  4.1/5
   Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline  $  4.4/5
   Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline  $  4.3/5
   Skywalker Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure  $$  4.1/5
   Pure Fun Super Jumper: 48″ Trampoline with Handrail, Pink, Youth Ages 3+  $$  4.5/5
   Merax Parent-Child Trampoline Twin Trampoline with Adjustable Handlebar Blue $$$  5.0/5
 Bazoongi 48″ Bouncer Trampoline with Handle Bar  $$$  4.2/5

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

What if you are looking for a multi-functional trampoline that will give you a clear statistic of your progress and make exercising fun? If you want one of these trampolines, the Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder is the trampoline to look at.


Here are the features of the Stamina 38-inch Intone Plus Rebounder that you should check out.

  • It has a frame diameter of 38” x 38” x 9”.
  • It has a large, durable heavy-duty polypropylene rebounding surface that ensures stability while doing jumps and exercises.
  • Two resistance tubes with foam padded handles are also installed in two sides for upper body strength training.
  • It also comes with a motivational, multi-functional electronic fitness monitor that records the number of jumps done per minute, workout time, and the calories burnt by the user.
  • Users will also notice the optic blue border that will highlight the areas where it is safe to jump around.
  • The trampoline also comes with a 38” wide sturdy steel frame for extra stability.
  • It is also compact and portable, easily foldable after use.
  • It can handle up to 250 lbs.
  • Recommended for low-impact cardiovascular exercises for beginners or advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors and comes with a safety pad.


In terms of its quality, users have cited that it broke down in less than a year because the straps started fraying and ripped completely. The design and bounce quality is also a bad point for some users as they said that it has a bad bounce recoil.

Plus-sized users have commented that it does not support 250 lbs. because the trampoline became saggy and not too bouncy when they tried it. There were also a few who commented that it is very hard to fold and reassemble for storage.


The trampoline is said to be good for any age because their children were able to use this safely, even without holding on to the bars of the trampoline. It is also very sturdy to use as it will handle anyone who gets on it. The bounce recoil is also very good as users report they were able to get high bounces.

They also report that it is very effective as an exercise machine because they were able to do a variety of exercises and see the results in their body. The exercise monitor also works well contrary to what others are saying as some users reported it accurately tracked their progress and it shuts off automatically when not in use.

Bottom Line

Trampolines are not just for children; it can also be used by adults who want to give a little zing to their exercise routines. With the Stamina 38” Intone Plus Rebounder, not only will you have fun doing your exercise, but it will also give you a challenge you cannot get in regular exercise equipment.

Pure Fitness 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail

For some, using trampolines can be scary because some do not have handrails for support. However, there are trampolines which have all the safety features users are looking for and one of them is Pure Fitness 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Adjustable Handrail.


Here are the other features of the Pure Fitness 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline with Adjustable Handrails.

  • It has a 36” high density dual spring system for added bounce recoil, intensity and durability.
  • Users can adjust the handrails from 37” to 40” depending on their requirement.
  • It comes with a cushioned spring pad for additional safety.
  • It can be assembled in less than five minutes.
  • It can handle weight up to 220 lbs.


Some users complained that it is very difficult to assemble in contrast to what the company says regarding its assembly time. Users said that the instructions were too complicated, disabling them from installing it properly. Once assembled, some users complained that the parts seemed rather wonky and not balanced to use.

There were also complaints over the surface quality of this trampoline because it was not too firm. Others also complained about the price of this trampoline as it is higher than the actual discounted or advertised price.


Users said that they loved the design of this trampoline, especially its colors. It is also very safe because it has cushioned spring pads that will guarantee safety if users make a bad jump. The handrail is also a plus feature on safety that the users loved because they can hold on to the rails as they jump.

The trampoline was also very sturdy and users were able to get the cardio workout needed with the use of this trampoline. Customer service is also a plus as they review all the comments regarding the trampoline and offer advice as to how users can maximize the use of their trampolines.

Bottom Line

When it comes to exercising, the equipment that is used should guarantee the safety of its users, and it must also be fun to use. With the Pure Fitness 40” Mini Rebounder Trampoline, users can be guaranteed that they can do their cardio workouts or just have fun bouncing with this trampoline without worries.

It has all the safety features one needs, and with its excellent bounce recoil, everyone will sure have fun using it.

GYMENIST Portable and Foldable Trampoline

Trampolines are often used outdoors to give users a high bounce and get more space. However, what do you do if you need to be able to use it indoors? Fortunately, GYMENIST has the trampoline for users looking for an indoor/outdoor trampoline, and it is their 36” Diameter Portable and Foldable Trampoline.


Here are the features of the GYMENIST Portable and Foldable Trampoline.

  • The trampoline has a durable mat and tubular steel frame with a durable coated finish.
  • Users are guaranteed to be safe when using this trampoline as it comes with a padded cover around the mat which cushions the frame and prevents users from stepping on the bungee cord.
  • It has an easy open and close mechanism, allowing the trampoline to be stored after use.
  • It can support weight as much as 150 pounds.
  • It comes with a free storage and carry bag to allow users to take it around on outings.
  • This trampoline has also passed all US safety standards, including ASTM certification and HR4040.
  • This trampoline is also said to be safe for kids 3 years and older with adult supervision required.
  • It also comes with a 1-year warranty.


One user said that the design needs work because some parts were disabling the users to enjoy the trampoline. Some raised their concerns over this fact as the trampoline can suddenly fold up and may trap the user.

Users also noted that it is not very sturdy and durable because some had reported it broke even if the one using it did not weigh much. It is also difficult to reach the company for assistance regarding some aspects of their trampolines.


Users said that the trampoline is made from high quality materials, making it very sturdy to use and it is built to last. Users remarked that children will have great fun with this trampoline, and it is also good with exercises or therapy. Some users have also cited that they were happy with the portability of this trampoline because they were able to bring the trampoline anywhere and it can be assembled quite easily.

Bottom Line

One must never compromise when it comes to purchasing trampolines because it might not be safe to use once you purchase it. The GYMENIST Portable and Foldable Trampoline ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety and it is also great fun for the family when not being used for workouts.

This is also the perfect fun tool for the family to have since you can bring this trampoline anywhere and extend the fun as you bounce.

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

When it comes to trampolines, picking one that is good for a variety of uses can be difficult. But what if you are looking for a trampoline that is sturdy and can handle all types of workouts? Luckily, Stamina has that trampoline in mind with the InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline.


Here are the features of the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger Trampoline for consideration:

  • It is made from steel.
  • It has an oval rebounding surface for more stability and a more varied workout.
  • It also comes with a motivational multifunctional fitness monitor that tracks jumps per minute, workout time, total jumps done and calories burnt.
  • An optic blue border keeps you jumping inside the rebounder’s sweet spots.
  • Users will also be able to support themselves while jumping with this trampoline as it has a handle bar included.
  • It comes with a workout DVD featuring Mia Finnegan, which will help users maximize their trampolines for their workouts.
  • It has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.


Users said that the trampoline did not last them a long time as some parts have immediately broken after a few months. The make of the trampoline is also a question because it is very flimsy for some users, and the handle bar is too rickety. When it is in use, it is also very noisy and it creaks a lot.

Getting replacements are also very difficult because users report there are no options on how they can get replacements, and the customer service is hard to reach.


They cite that the design of this trampoline is very good and shows that it is a sturdy trampoline. The materials were also very good and it looked very sturdy and durable. It is very easy to assemble without assistance or guides. It was also able to hold the weight of the users without having to worry about the trampoline creaking or breaking.

Users also reported that it was able to provide them with the cardio workout they are looking for in a trampoline.

Bottom Line

It is important that a trampoline that will be used for workouts should be firm and durable for continuous use. With the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger, users will be able to have fun and not fear that it will not be able to handle their workouts. This trampoline has everything people will need for their workouts and even help them get motivated in the process with the extras included.

Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

The Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer is perfect for increasing bone mass and shaping your legs, hips, and other muscles. This is a great rebounder for somebody who wants to upgrade and wants a trampoline that will help their workout sessions. Read further to find out more about this trampoline trainer.


  • Trampoline Size:  It has a diameter of 40.5 inches and a height of 44.5 inches
  • It has a safety bar
  • It’s built for people older than 12 years
  • The maximum weight that it can withstand is 250 lbs


  • Compact, foldable, and convenient – The great thing about the The Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline is that fact that it is both compact and can be moved around quite easily. It is intended to fit in small environments at home or around the gym, and its suitable size lets you transport it from one place to another without any difficulty. It is well-built and has six supportive legs and rebound bands.
  • Harmless and fun – Trampoline exercises are perfect for men and women alike. If you want to start becoming fit or if you are just looking for a new exercise routine, you must try trampoline training! Enjoy a harmless and invigorating cardio workout with this mini-trampoline without harming your joints and knees.
  • Increases stability and coordination – Trampolines work out an extensive array of muscle groups, such as the skeletal muscles and the cardiac muscles. They help shape muscle mass and reinforce the shoulder, leg muscles, and hips. If you are a sportsperson, using a trampoline trainer to aid you with your workout routines will increase your performance in sports.


  • Can be difficult to unfold at first.
  • It could have been a bit bouncier

Bottom Line

What makes the Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer a total giveaway, is the inexpensive price. Truly, this trampoline trainer is harmless and well-built. If you are looking for a great trampoline for your workouts, then this is the one.